"What C-word?". Well, take your pick!

Corona, Crypto, Crisis for example. I am not going to be too philosophical about this. Let's just hope this situation is not hitting each one of you too hard, and that down the line perhaps we may actually enjoy a few positive side effects as well. Such as a positive impact on the environment and the realization that no matter where you live, no matter if you're rich or poor, or what you look like, or what political party -if any- you vote for, in the end we're all in this together and need to co-operate, even if we want this world to be a better place just for ourselves.

On to the pool business!

When Mainnet?

At the moment we just don't know. Charles Hoskinson is expected to announce an updated timeline, possibly including a tentative Mainnet launch date, by the end of this month.

My personal expectation is that the Jörmungandr ITN will continue in its current form at least until mid-/end of April. This largely depends on the Haskell testnet start date. But since we have no information whatsoever just yet, and given the current Corona related circumstances, it wouldn't surprise me if it actually is going to take a little longer than everyone expects...

Staking4ADA keeps calm and carries on.

From our side we will patiently wait for events to unfold. Let's be honest, for many if not most of us, our patience has been tried and tested for over two years already. This is a lóóóng process!

But, since the launch of Shelley ITN, at least we have been able to make our ADA work for us, either by delegating to a stake pool or by actually running one.

I am happy with the way things are going and hope that you are too. Rewards are coming, they are very reasonable i would say, better than most other POS projects, and some routine has settled in, so let's just let this thing roll and not start worrying about the future of Cardano until we have to.

CH is still 100% convinced BTC will reach USD100k some day and so am I. And when it does, you bet your ADA is going to be doing just fine as well!

Keep in touch?

We'll just keep pushing our blocks to the chain, but feel free to keep an eye on us, by visiting our live and report pages as often as you like.

In case you have any feedback about these pages, or how, when, or how often you'd like to hear from us, let us know. We're always looking forward to hear from you!

Happy staking!


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